Industries – at a glance

  • Education

    school computer labEducational and academic institutions are continually challenged to do more with less–provide reliable desktop computing for staff, faculty, students and labs with tightly-constrained IT and budgetary resources. vCloudPoint Sharing Computing provide the productivity and flexibility needed to meet those challenges in settings ranging from K-12 to colleges, universities, and technical schools. vCloudPoint zero clients free IT staff from the overhead of refreshing computer labs and training rooms, and let faculty concentrate on curriculum rather than technology.

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  • Small/Midsize Business

    officeStaying current with hardware and technology is a challenge especially for SMBs whose IT budget and staff are often highly constrained. The traditional computing with desktop PCs are complex, expensive and also requires several costly software components. For SMBs, budgets are tight to cover both hardware and software, managing IT services can prove to be a daunting task. vCloudPoint creates a strong technological backbone that allows these businesses to avoid the common problem of growing at a rate that is too fast for their infrastructure to handle.

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  • Services

    serviceService companies providing legal, technology or other professional services need to maximize employee productivity to improves customer experience. Traditional desktop PCs often result in lost hours due to outages, downtime and time wasted waiting for remote support and patch cycles. vCloudPoint Sharing Computing with zero clients provide the reliability and flexibility to get the services up and running quickly. Service companies gain the flexibility, scalability, and IT simplicity that they need to support key business initiatives and new innovations.

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  • Public Spaces

    public spacesPublic spaces like hotels, casinos, libraries, restaurants and internet centers face unique challenges in providing desktop computing resources to guests, often in difficult environmental and regulatory settings. Information systems are the lifeblood of guest services, and unreliable or unsecured PC desktops risk both the satisfaction of guests and the security of their billing and payment records. vCloudPoint’s Sharing Computing with zero clients provide the reliability, data security, and remote support needed to keep administrative and guest services up and running around the clock.

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