Notice: the latest system patch kb40xxxxx caused concurrent multi-user login failed

Problem:The installation of the latest system patch kb4088876 caused concurrent multi-user login failed.

Description:Cannot login multiple users at the same time. When running RDPConf file of RDP Wrappeer, it is showing: NOT SUPPORTED.

Cause:the system patch kb40xxxxx modified the terminal services file, causing the RDP Wrapper failed.


1)Recommended:Uninstall the patch; to uninstall with CMD command:wusa /uninstall /kb:40xxxxx /quiet

(the patch name may vary depending on the system, please use the actual patch name, e.g.: kb4088876 )

2)Contact vCloudPoint Support Team to replace the multi-user patch

3)Reinstall the system(Not recommended)

Suggestion:Disable automatic system patch update; not to install this patch until the new version of RDP wrapper released.

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