Notice: the system patch of KB4471332 released on 11th-Dec caused concurrent multi-user login failed

Problem:The system patch of KB4471332 for Windows 10 released on 11th-Dec caused concurrent multi-user login failed.

Description:Cannot login multiple users at the same time. When running RDPConf file of RDP Wrappeer, it is showing: NOT SUPPORTED.

Cause:the system patch KB4471332 modified the terminal services file, causing the RDP Wrapper failed.


Uninstall the patch through: start-> settings-> update & security-> view update history-> uninstall patches, click on the patch to uninstall; or run CMD command to uninstall: wusa /uninstall /kb:4471332 /quiet


Suggestion:Disable automatic system patch update; not to install this patch until the new version of RDP wrapper released.


Note: This patch only influences RDP Wrapper, thus it is safe on systems running authorized RDS-CALs instead of RDP Wrapper.

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  1. I also installed
    windows enterprise 1809 evaluation 90 days & applied patch. It was working perfectly.
    It was working as single user with many multisession at a time, (multi login single user RDP as it is normal with windows server 2016/2008)
    It was also working as different terminal services users with multisession to a single machine.
    I see there updates on machine were installed and then single user with multiple session is no longer working. I don’t cause the issue. Update KB4487044 / KB4470755 / KB4483452 installed on 13-Feb-2019.
    Later i uninstalled those two KB but still the multi login/ simultaneously single user with terminal services for different sessions didn’t worked. (the kb4470788 was not removable)
    I used two things to make it happened
    1.) HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\Terminal Server fSingleSessionPerUser key Change the key value from 1 to 0
    2.) 1.52MB
    Can some one assist to make again windows 10 pro or entp 1809 multi-logging same user with differnt concurrent sessions to single host locally or remotely as I done previously so that I get updates as well.

    • Hi, I try to update my win10 1809 to the lasted version. And termsrv.dll would changed to 10.0.17763.292. And so far rdp wrapper is not supported yet. I try to add some build to rdpwrap.ini, but failed. I also checked on github, no one know how to fix it now. But there are two way to fixed this out. One way is you could delete the KB4487044 and KB4483452, then disable windows update service, termsrv.dll will go back to 17763.168, then follow the steps on of andreKPI. and rdp works. The second way is delete rdpwrapper and putting a multiple patch. We could send you the multiple patch with email. I try both of these ways and they work. Please contact me for the patch. Email:[email protected]

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