Zero Client Computing

vCloudPoint zero client computing solutions are innovative desktop computing solutions that shift the traditional PC computing infrastructure to a centralized computing model. Within a zero client computing solution, users replaces PC desktops or laptops with the access client devices, called zero or thin clients, to remotely connect to virtual desktops centrally hosted in the servers at the data center.

What is a zero client?

Desktop Virtualization Solutions

  • Shared Computing (RDS)

    RDS allows multiple users to share the resources on a single PC host or server. Users will work independently but have the same operating system and applications as installed on the shared host.

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  • Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

    VDI allows users to work on virtual desktops that run inside virtual machines (VMs). Users will have their own system and applications and the exact experience as they are running on a desktop computer.

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Use Cases

We serve worldwide customers of any sizes- large and small, in diverse markets and different use cases.

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  • Education

    Quick provioning, integrated desktop broadcasting, remote support, file sharing and other functions to facilitate the training work.
  • Office

    Excellent desktop performance, simple desktop administration and data  management to help improve office experience and productivity.
  • Manufacturing

    Zero client features compact design to operate stably in a harsh environment and centralized storage in the date center to ensure business continuity and stability.
  • Call Center

    Standardized workspaces with a unified system and applications, improve IT productivity and customer service efficiency and enhance data security by restricted data access from the endpoint devices.

Why vCloudPoint?

We are weak in marketing so we let our products and services speak for us.

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  • Competitive Price

    vCloudPoint zero clients cost less than any other thin- or zero-client options and half of the cost of desktop PCs. Customers pay for low cost devices and still get comprehensive desktop management software, perpetually free. In combination, vCloudPoint enables virtual desktop solutions at one-third the price of traditional offerings.

  • High Performance

    We could simply use RemoteFX within the Windows system for graphic acceleration. But RemoteFX doesn’t seem fit for centralized computing and our expectation for performance is much higher. That’s why we purposely developed our own Dynamic Desktop Protocol (DDP) to offer a rich computing experience that is unparalleled in the market.

  • Friendly Experience

    We tried to do technical things as much intuitive as it can be so you can concentrate on your own business. You will love the way how easily desktop computing can be done. One-key installation, zero-configuration, plug-and-play devices, instructive management console – all to make your IT job easier.

  • Thumbs-up Services

    Your purchase of vCloudPoint client devices is bundled with 3+ years warranty and free after-sales support. You will be enjoying a timely, attentive, upbeat service provided by us or our local partners. But your story with vCloudPoint does not end there. Even those are one-off purchases, you can still enjoy free software updates.