Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

VDI Solution

  • What is VDI

    vCloudPoint’s Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) solution allows users to access independent virtual desktops hosted in virtual machines (VMs) in the server.
    With Virspire Desktop Agent running on the Windows virtual machine, each vCloudPoint client users connect to an independent virtual machine with dedicated resources based on their needs. Since the virtual machines are isolated from each other, users will have the exact experience as they are running on a desktop computer.
    vCloudPoint’s VDI solution is a flexible and highly manageable computing solution and works best for complex deployments with diverse users and needs.
  •  JoinVDI Virtualization Manager

    (formerly vCetrix Virtualization Manager)

    JoinVDI Virtualization Manager is a Linux based virtualization platform running on a bare-metal machine. It includes the KVM hypervisor for creating virtual machines and provides a web-based management front end that gives you complete control over and visibility into clusters, hosts, virtual machines, storage, networking, and other critical elements of virtualization infrastructure.

     Virspire Desktop Agent

    (formerly Virtrix Desktop Agent)

    Virspire Desktop Agent is a service role that provides users console access to the guest system hosted on the remote servers. Virspire Desktop Agent works with the vCloudPoint DDP protocol to offer a better guest console experience.

  • Supported Systems

    Virspire Desktop Agent can run on any editions of Windows 8, 8.1, 10, server 2012, 2016, 2019 systems.

  • Supported Platform

    Virspire is a neutral broker (agent) that works with any hypervisors such as Exsi, Citrix hypervisor, hyper-v, VirtualBox, and other KVM variants.

  • Client Devices

    Virspire Desktop Agent allows connections from S100 zero client and V1 zero client.