vMatrix 2.9.6 is released with support of lossless display mode.

vMatrix 2.9.6 is released with support of lossless display mode.

Added: Support of lossless display mode (for remote desktop session only).
Added: Page of Webcam settings.
Added: Support of batch device renaming.
Added: Support of use dedicated port for RDP connections (port forwarding).
Added: Support of OpenVPN connection.
Added: Page of batch VPN management.
Added: Capability of turning monitor off automatically while device being idle.
Added: Soft keyboard support in device’s login screen.
Added: Option for lock keyboard layout (both in management page and device).
Added: Option for schedule power plan on terminal devices.
Added: Capability of connecting hidden WiFi networks.

Fixed: Device incorrect handling keystrokes behavior of Caps Lock, Num Lock and Scroll Lock in remote desktop session.
Fixed: USB disk drive letter may not be correctly displayed.
Fixed: The Diagnostic Tool may misinforms error status.
Fixed: Multiuser support of Webcam (with Enhanced Mode).
Fixed: Users can’t trigger action “Log off and shutdown” properly.
Fixed: Attempt to login a domain user may cause daemon service crash.
Fixed: Deleted files can’t be moved to Recycle Bin.
Fixed: The system audio service failed to start randomly in some circumstances.
Fixed: Devices may not be able to play sound while turned to Broadcast Mode.
Fixed: Incorrect page scrolling in Network Configuration page.
Fixed: Connecting multiple devices simultaneously may cause the device reports timeout error.
Fixed: Incorrect handling disk privilege causes access violation.
Fixed: When the function “Power off besides the system shutdown” has activated, count down is not showed in device side properly.
Fixed: Terminal device can not be discovered after user logged off from a VDI host.
Fixed: When the host operating system is Windows 10 version 21H2 or later, multi-function printers can not work properly.
Fixed: Microphone of web cameras can not work properly.
Fixed: Bluetooth settings can not be locked on purpose.

Improved: UI improvement in User Management page.
Improved: UI improvement in Device Management, Network Settings, Wallpaper Settings, and Log pages.
Improved: Export function of log report.
Improved: Logic of selecting default printer for current user.
Improved: USB devices and Enhanced Mode compatibility (Chromium support).
Improved: More batch operations in Network Configuration page.
Improved: Running server manager will be directed to existing instance if possible.
Improved: Adjust some multi-language labels (server manager/terminal).
Improved: List sorting of device management.
Improved: Removed passwords and added serial numbers information in log page.
Improved: User experience of wallpaper settings.
Improved: Add the editing method of “Add host” function.
Improved: IP virtualization compatibility.
Improved: Adjust behavior of physical power button on device.
Improved: The system will now try to fix the problem of any required service that was not running properly.
Improved: Adjusted Private Disk permissions.
Improved: Function behavior of Auto Restore Configuration.

To update your current vMatrix Server Manager to the latest 2.9.6 version, please download the installation package at the download center.

You can overwrite the old installation files but make sure to DISABLE any Anti-Virus or Firewall software during the installation.

Terminal users will be disconnection during the update and you are required to reboot the system when completed.

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