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  • The Global Desktop Virtualization Market

    (By Orbis Research)
    In 2017, the Global Desktop Virtualization Market Was Valued At USD 4982.4 Million And Is Expected To Reach A Value Of USD 8957.4 Million By 2023, Registering A CAGR Of About 10.27% During 2018-2023 (the forecast period). Desktop virtualization separates personal computing desktop environment from a physical machine, using the client-server model of computing. This virtualization technique has become a mainstream IT strategy for companies of all sizes.

    Virtualization is particularly valuable to the small and medium businesses, as it lowers the expenditure for hardware, and reduces the system administration and maintenance costs. With business mobility and cloud computing transforming the IT sector, the desktop virtualization is expected to enable this transition. It helps meet the needs of users more effectively and securely. It allows employees to access high-performance applications, by enabling hardware-based GPU sharing via a secure connection from any device

  • vCloudPoint In the Industry

    vCloudPoint entered the desktop virtualization industry by introducing its game-changing Shared Computing solution in 2015 .  With several revolutionary innovations and technologies, vCloudPoint received favorable popularity among its organization customers and achieved an average revenue growth of over 50% during the years of 2016-2018. Today, vCloudPoint is recognized as one of the major players in the industry  to lead the evolution of desktop virtualization.

Why Become A Partner?

  • Competitive products: vCloudPoint products feature cutting-edge R&D, multiple breakthrough technologies and a number of uniqueness including the DDP protocol as a technology barrier to our competitions.
  • Maximized profitability: absolute market competitiveness helps vCloudPoint  products to position in the high-end market position with promising price margin, and vCloudPoint focuses channel reselling to maximize profit margins to channel partners.
  • Customer satisfaction: the reliable, ease of use and worry-free features of vCloudPoint products help channel partners reduce the probability of customer complaints and improve customer satisfaction. As a vCloudPoint partner, you can enjoy business growth and credibility from the  vCloudPoint business.
  • Manufacturer support: vCloudPoint offers intimate services to support partners with the necessary positioning, marketing and selling of vCloudPoint products– helping you increase customer satisfaction, drive incremental revenue and maximize profitability.


Partnering Levels


vCloudPoint offers different levels of partnership. You can choose the appropriate level based on your existing business structure, capital, manpower, and customer resources.

Referral Solution Provider(RSP) Professional Solution Provider(PSP) Managed Solution Provider (MSP) Regional Exclusive Distributor (RED) Strategic Solution Provider (SSP)
Recommend or utilize your customer relationship to facilitate or assist the business deal. Sell our full suite of products & services. Add value through procurement, consulting, design & configuration, training, and customization. Provide vCloudPoint products with a monthly recurring revenue (MRR) stream, under a subscription model. Sell to your own channel partners (or direct) without conflict into an assigned territory and provide them training, support and marketing. Rebrand vCloudPoint products under your own label or re-design vCloudPoint products based on a specific project.

Partner Levels and Benefits

Different levels of partners  are offered different interests, and meanwhile different responsibilities are requested. This ensures that partners will receive corresponding returns due to your investment in time and resources with vCloudPoint.

(*denotes privileges, #denotes obligations;specific privileges and obligations are subject to the partner agreement to be signed.)


*Price Discounts *Qualified Lead *Name Listing *Exclusiveness #Technical Support #Market Promotion #Logistics & Stock #Minimum Order #Sales Revenue
Referal Solution Provider(RSP)
Professional Solution Provider(PSP)
Managed Solution Provider (MSP)
Regional Exclusive Distributor (RED)
Strategic Solution Provider (SSP)

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