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  • Server Manager 2.8.0 -- (Zero Client Firmware (June 23, 2022) -- Latest

    Server Manager 2.8.0 — (Zero Client Firmware
    (June 23, 2022)

    Added: Support of Bluetooth Mouse and Keyboard devices. (Based on USB Wi-Fi + Bluetooth dongle of RTL88xx chips)
    Added: Option for host visibility.
    Added: Option for allow login by standard client only.
    Added: Option for disallow to connect MTP/PTP devices (usually, cellphones).
    Added: Option for hide system drive from terminal users.
    Added: Only the user logged in by the standard client can be monitored
    Added: Terminal tray menu uses scanner function.

    Fixed: Device activation/registration failed in some cases.
    Fixed: The screen freezes when device activation/registration fails.
    Fixed: Unable to find and discover any device after IP virtualization enabled.
    Fixed: Terminal device may disconnect from desktop when it attempts to display a corrupted pointer cursor.
    Fixed: Keyboard with smart card reader will be redirected to host and not usable in terminal side.
    Fixed: Some sort of USB headphone not playing sound properly.
    Fixed: Support of multitouch can cause check boxes appearing in Windows Explorer.
    Fixed: Too many disconnected sessions in system may cause daemon service slow to restart.
    Fixed: Randomly freeze when monitoring user’s desktop.
    Fixed: Enabling auto restore configuration may cause device UI crashes.
    Fixed: After the user login run the program or file function not working properly.
    Fixed: Pressing F2 to restore settings during terminal device boot up may cause device freeze.
    Fixed: terminal Enabling Wi-Fi may cause memory leaks.
    Fixed: Mouse pointer speed does not change when adjust in settings.

    Improved: Diagnostic tool tip message.
    Improved: Option for logout and shutdown in tray menu.
    Improved: Option for Show/hide hotkey in chat module.
    Improved: Access control for Private Disk and external drive connected to terminal device.
    Improved: Device UI operation restriction in configuration locking state.
    Improved: Config default printer automatically function.

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  • Server Manager 2.7.0 -- (Zero Client Firmware (Nov 02, 2021)

    Server Manager 2.7.0 — (Zero Client Firmware
    (Nov 02, 2021)

    Added: Brand new user configuration module to support template creation and modification facility.
    Added: Logout and power off in terminal device management page.
    Added: Login queue settings.
    Added: A switch that controls the availability of Ping button in terminal devices.
    Added: Support of Windows 11 and Windows Server 2022.
    Added: Support of 802.11ac USB WiFi dongle (based on RTL88xx chips).
    Added: Support of auto log off due to session disconnect and being idle state.
    Added: Support of auto disconnection when session being idle state.
    Added: Support of auto power off device after user logged out.
    Added: Support of Scheduled Task.
    Added: Support of USB disk write protection in privilege settings.
    Added: Support of USB multitouch panels and monitors, Windows 8 or above is required.
    Added: Support of Wacom STU series sign tablet.
    Added: Support of connect to non-English naming WiFi hotspot.
    Added: HID devices isolation in Enhanced Mode.
    Added: Firmware version display in terminal device management page (firmware version or above required).

    Fixed: Service may crashes in startup phase due to calling secedit tool.
    Fixed: Service may crashes when several users login at the same time.
    Fixed: Unable to monitor user’s desktop when it turns to locked state.
    Fixed: Unable to place user’s private directory to network path.
    Fixed: A core bug that may cause blue screen error when log in users.

    Improved: Blank space is allowed in changing passwords.
    Improved: Wallpaper settings moved to display settings page.
    Improved: Batch modification of Login, Display, Input, Startup settings in terminal devices.
    Improved: Batch modification of user information.
    Improved: Adjustment of UI layout.
    Improved: Manager can specify IP address in login settings, host name is no longer required.
    Improved: The auto connection function will filter terminal devices that only belong to initiator.
    Improved: The auto connection function can be used to log into service groups.
    Improved: Drive C: can be hidden from terminal users.
    Improved: The list of terminal devices can be sorted by IP address.

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  • Server Manager 2.6.0 -- (Zero Client Firmware (May 13, 2021)

    Server Manager 2.6.0 — (Zero Client Firmware
    (May 13, 2021)

    Added: Support of Windows 10 20H2.
    Added: A switch that controls the visibility of the right-click function menu of the tray icon.
    Added: Lock shutdown switch in terminal devices.
    Added: Save/restore function for shutdown button lock.
    Added: Option for show mouse pointer while monitoring user’s desktop.
    Added: Option for whether set user’s default printer automatically.
    Added: Duplicate Management page.
    Added: Clear log button for user activity log and management log.
    Added: You can log in as a temporary user.
    Added: The private disk data can be deleted after logout.
    Added: Support of connect to Virspire Desktop Agent in terminal devices.
    Added: Support of connect to Virspire VDI Controller in terminal devices.
    Added: Support of USB Optical Drive and Camera.
    Added: Support of IEEE 802.1x authentication.

    Fixed: The private disk permission is not applied to the newly created user.
    Fixed: Not properly dealing with terminal device’s communication causes daemon connection service crash.
    Fixed: Incorrect display of license expiration.
    Fixed: Device details did not refresh in a real time as the language change.
    Fixed: The automatic connection function is invalid under some languages operating system.
    Fixed: Abnormal display position of lower right corner notification window.
    Fixed: Misinformed driver issue while running Diagnostic Tool.
    Fixed: Log in a user after logged out may reports user is already online.
    Fixed: Plug in multiple USB devices in the same time may causes system reboot.
    Fixed: A part of USB card readers don’t recognized properly.
    Fixed: A part of mouse pointers don’t showed properly.
    Fixed: USB devices may not be detected properly when in first time plugged.
    Fixed: Terminal devices may not be able to play sound when Broadcast Mode is activated.
    Fixed: A crash when the user deploy module was started in the background while the user’s desktop was not ready yet.
    Fixed: The USB flash drive connected to the terminal without a drive letter assigned due to the failure to obtain the partition information of the USB flash drive.
    Fixed: The server management software could not be started due to modification of system variables.
    Fixed: The server management software could not be started due to the loss of the security folder in the system.
    Fixed: Enabling automatic restore may cause the terminal to stuck after restoring the factory settings and upgrading the firmware.

    Improved: Auto login can be filtered for local host.
    Improved: Improved Management Log page.
    Improved: The layout of the monitoring interface.
    Improved: User name sort in static virtual IP assign page.
    Improved: User name sort in allocate users page.
    Improved: the logic of removing the drive letter when the terminal is connected to the U disk.
    Improved: Fast diagnostic function will try to correct the issue automatically.
    Improved: Adjust the notes of some functions.
    Improved: Secure boot is allowed to be enabled in win10 / 2016 / 2019 operating system.

  • Server Manager 2.5.2 -- (Zero Client Firmware (April 19, 2020)

    Server Manager 2.5.2 — (Zero Client Firmware
    (April 19, 2020)

    Added: HID devices other than USB input devices (such as UKEY, TOKEN, etc.) are recognized and supported at the terminal devices.
    Added: Admins can set read and write permissions for public and private disks, as well as authorized users.
    Added: Admins can manage the accessibility of storage devices attached to the host.
    Added: Admins can run commands and launch a program over running sessions from the server manager.
    Added: Admins can manage the list of manually added hosts for terminal devices.
    Added: Terminal device settings can be saved and restored from the server manager.
    Added: “Logout and Shutdown” option to the taskbar tray menu of the terminal session.
    Added: “Don’t show again” option in the “Connect to host” prompt window.
    Added:”Permission Control” page.
    Added:Czech language.

    Fixed: Can’t adjust the volume of a USB headset or other audio device.
    Fixed: Some USB devices do not respond during use.
    Fixed: Connecting multiple USB devices may result in a black screen when the terminal logs out.
    Fixed: USB serial device and smart card readers cannot be isolated between terminal sessions.

    Improved: Admins can set up multiple private drives on local storage.
    Improved: Removed the file name format restriction for offline configuration files.
    Improved: Rewrited the descriptive language on some of the pages.
    Improved: Some pages in the menu column are categorized into the “Advanced” menu.
    Improved: Improves the stability of the virtual audio.
    Improved: The configuration wizard interface is no longer displayed during the server manager installation.
    Improved: Restrict terminal device names to only ASCII characters.

  • Server Manager 2.4.0 -- (Zero Client Firmware (July 1, 2019)

    Server Manager 2.4.0 — (Zero Client Firmware
    (July 1, 2019)

    Fixed: unable to login to system after upgrading to Windows 10 1903.
    Fixed: smart card readers can not be recognized on a Windows 10 / Server 2019 host.
    Fixed: a couple for composite USB devices can not be recognized.
    Fixed: accelerator application may crash when a forbidden USB device is connected to the terminal device.
    Fixed: terminal device screen may turn black if there are too many hosts are online.
    Fixed: terminal devices may freeze on a network interruption.
    Fixed: the “DAEMON” connection service may crash in some circumstances.
    Fixed: the installation wizard prompts that the private disk path is empty.
    Fixed: some special mouse pointer may cause terminal firmware to crash.
    Fixed: terminal devices may occasionally fail to discover the host after logged out.
    Fixed: the “unknown error 0x02” issue when logging into a Windows 7 / Server 2008R2 system with RemoteFX enabled.
    Fixed: it takes a long time to start the server manager software in Windows XP.
    Fixed: the “Do not show next time” button on the welcome page does not take effect.
    Fixed: black screen after login to system when screen resolution was restricted to 1366×768.

    Added: server group configuration function.
    Added: DNS configuration options at the network settings menu of device management.
    Added: remote boot function to power on terminal devices from the server manager.
    Added: server group configuration including hot spare and load balancing.
    Added: allow local hostname not to be broadcasted so that the host can be hidden from the terminal devices’ login interface.

  • Server Manager 2.3.6 -- (Zero Client Firmware

    (Jan 23, 2019)

    New: Added “Enhanced Mode” under the “Configuration” tab to improve application compatibility.
    New: added the pop-up window to prompt system reboot after disabling IP virtualization.
    New: added terminal auto connection function after the desktop session is disconnected or logged out in unattended scenarios.
    New: administrators can upload and lock customized wallpaper for terminal devices at the server management.
    New: added multi-language support for Administration Log.
    New: added DNS settings for terminal devices.
    New: added management console icon at the desktop.
    New: added a pop-up window to prompt hidden icons at the taskbar.
    New: added the Ukrainian language.

    Fixed: modified the USB driver test logic of the Diagnostic Tool to fix the problem that the USB driver is correct but the test result is incorrect.
    Fixed: fixed the issue that copying large file into a U disk attached to the terminal device may cause desktop session crashes.
    Fixed: fixed the issue that users cannot be displayed when the domain controller acts as the shared host as well.
    Fixed: fixed the bug that enabling IP virtualization may cause random “DaemonService” crashes and user connection failure.
    Fixed: fixed the issue that the user’s login time does not display on the “User Management” tab.
    Fixed: fixed the possible .Net error when logging a user out.
    Fixed: fixed the cpaccel.exe issue on the host when the administrator logs in right after a logout.
    Fixed: fixed the IP virtualization issue that the selected NIC device could not be saved in some cases, causing the setting of static virtual IP to fail.
    Fixed: fixed the issue that the number of online users is not refreshed in time.
    Fixed: fixed the issue that the name of the terminal that has not connected to the host is not displayed.
    Fixed: fixed the issue of login failure after a user logs out, indicating that you cannot log in repeatedly.
    Fixed: fixed the memory exception error after logging out users in Win7/ 08R2 systems.
    Fixed: fix the valid range of CPU and memory usage percentage displayed at the User Management tab.
    Fixed: fixed the issue that the full Chinese names of the system users cannot be displayed.
    Fixed: fixed the issue of “host is busy” caused by large CPU usage of “DaemonService” in idle time.
    Fixed: fixed random freeze of host service after attempting to log in a user.
    Fixed: Fixed the bug in Win7/ 8.1 that terminal devices cannot connect to the host after modifying the starting port of network service at the server manager.
    Fixed: fixed that issue that language changing through the right bottom icon does not take effect.
    Fixed: fixed the issue in Win10 that video content may be misplaced when played with VLC player under the Economic Mode.

    Improved: improved USB device redirection compatibility.
    Improved: modified virtual IP assignment sequence on user login to reduce possible virtual IP address conflict.
    Improved: optimized terminal connection logic in VPN to fix the problem that terminals fail to login when using some VPN software.
    Improved: modified the inner layout of the “Network Settings” menu inside the right-click menu of the “Device Management” tab to allow unified configuration of the IP addresses of multiple terminal devices.
    Improved: removed the separate “Fixed IP Address” menu inside the right-click menu of the “Device Management” tab to move the fixed IP address setting to the “Network Setting” menu.
    Improved: optimized video playback on the VLC media player.
    Improved: the rename function is changed to be applicable to offline users.
    Improved: removed the USB redirection device icon on the host.

  • Server Manager 2.3.1 (Aug 14, 2018)

    2.3.1 (Aug 14, 2018)

    Fixed: fixed the bug that users can not log in with domain account in some circumstances.
    Fixed: fixed the bug of randomly slow down when playing a video through VLC player.
    Fixed: audio system now works properly on Windows 10 1803.

  • Server Manager 2.3.0 (Jun 28, 2018)

    Server Manager 2.3.0 (Jun 28, 2018)

    New: allowed batch settings of static virtual IP addresses.
    New: added user filtering & searching, and display of online user number in user management page.
    New: added logout & disconnect menu at the task tray of user sessions.
    New: added bubble prompt when a terminal device establishes connection.
    New: added support for VLC Player 3.0.x versions.
    New: added support for serial devices redirection.
    New: added Turkish language.

    Improved: improved IP virtualization compatibility.
    Improved: improved USB device redirection compatibility.
    Improved: optimized operation performance of the management interface.
    Improved: changed the displays of the task tray icon and user profile pictures for vChat.
    Improved: hide task tray USB icon for user sessions running on USB-redirection-not-supported devices.

    Fixed: fixed the bug that administrators can take control of the user sessions through keyboard & mouse operations even when they are not authorized to view user sessions.
    Fixed: fixed the bug that when management software is forced to restart, user status cannot be identified.
    Fixed: fixed the bug that login services may freeze after long hours of operation.
    Fixed: fixed the bug that management interface texts stop responding after frequent language changes.
    Fixed: fixed the bug that some elements on the pages of user management, user information, behavior logs, management logs do not respond in time to language change.
    Fixed: fixed the bug that error prompts for local user allocation do not display in the correct language.
    Fixed: fixed the bug that sessions may freeze during initiation if desktop wallpaper is enabled.
    Fixed: fixed that bug that drive letters of the terminals’ private partition and USB storage device cannot display correctly.
    Fixed: fixed the bug that page content of some applications like Firefox, may not display properly on the clients.
    Fixed: fixed the problem that broadcasting mode does not work properly on video-playing clients.
    Fixed: fixed the bug that users still can log in to the host when maintenance mode is activated.
    Fixed: fixed the problem that client users cannot login to a Windows Server 2003 host.

  • Server Manager 2.2.0 (Dec 1, 2017)

    Server Manager 2.2.0 (Dec 1, 2017)

    New: added IP Virtualization function.
    New: added queuing mechanism to avoid black screen when multiple users connect to host at the same time.
    New: added sound options to inform administrator when client device disconnects/logs off from the server.
    New: added the Spanish language.

    Improved: remote USB devices can be authorized for access according to device types.

    Fixed: fixed the problem of audio not working on Windows 10 1709.
    Fixed: fixed the bug that in domain environment local accounts cannot be selected by default when login.