Pricing of vCloudPoint Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) Solution

Zero client price and How to purchase

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  • Calculate the cost of most desktop virtualization solutions

    Generally, the purchase cost of a desktop virtualization solution includes the hardware cost of client devices, hosts, and other devices, and virtualization software licenses. The cost of the solution is calculated on a per-seat basis, that is, the total purchase cost divided by the number of seats.

    Cost of vCloudPoint’s VDI solution

    The vCloudPoint VDI solution is offered flexibly. You may purchase either a complete package with both server and endpoint offerings (server, JoinVDI Virtualization Manager, zero clients, and Virspire Desktop Agent) or just the endpoint offerings (zero clients and Virspire Desktop Agent) to work with your existing virtualization infrastructure.

    Virspire Desktop Agent is totally free for vCloudPoint users and obtainable at the download center. JoinVDI Virtualization Manager is free for standalone installations and available with premium features for cluster installations. You are free to obtain a software copy of JoinVDI Virtualization Manager and the document guides on request. Installation service is not included except that you purchase vCloudPoint servers.

    Your purchase of vCloudPoint zero clients is bundled with the usage of the software and premium support and is also assured of free future updates for continuous improvements and new features.

    You need to purchase a corresponding number of network devices, monitors, mouse & keyboards, and USB devices as needed. In addition, licenses of Windows and other third party software are not included and must be purchased separately.

    The after-sale services of vCloudPoint

    vCloudPoint zero clients are provided with a 3+ years warranty from purchase date.  vCloudPoint China HQ offers limited online support service in English through the ticketing system and on-demand remotes after a ticket submission. Immediate support or support in your local languages or through other channels like phone calls, instant messaging, and onsite visits requests are based on your purchase agreement with the local vCloudPoint partner.