Can I manual keyin the serial number of zero client to offline file?

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I’m using the many vCloudpoint on my customer’s plant. They don’t allow we to connect the ethernet. So, I must to create the offline file then export to you to using the offline mode. I have some question, if I add the new one of vCloudpoint zero client to the existing system. Can I add the new Serial number of vCloudpoint to configure file and sending to you to create offline mode and to me to import them to vCloud manager?
Such as I have existing vCloudpoint zero client A6-8QV1-3528 and A6-8QV1-3501 on the existing system then on next two month I add the new of vCloudpoint zero client A6-8QV1-3530 to the vCloudpoint network as my attached file. Can I add |A6-8QV1-3530 to the existing offline file and sending to you? Kindly you advise me, please.

Your Country & City:: Thailand
Software Version: (e.g.: vMatrix 2.3.6): 2.4.13338
Windows System Version: (e.g.: Windows 10 1809): Windows 7 64 bit
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Asked on December 26, 2019 4:51 pm
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Hello Sirichai, sorry to late reply. If the partner still keep your previous offline usage document then you just send the new added devices to them, then they could help you make the activation then send the new import file to you. If not you have to resend the new offline usage file to local partner to make the new activation.

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Answered on January 3, 2020 5:47 pm
Thank you for your reply.
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