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Hello, I work in a hospital service company. We tested the vcloudpoint device and a problem arose during the tests. Hospitals only use network printers assigned to rooms / departments (one printer for 5 terminals). Working in a hospital means that the medical staff – doctors / nurses often change rooms, wards and even buildings. With this configuration, we cannot use vcloudpoint terminals. Assign printers using active directory to the user because being in a different building, he would print in a completely different room. Would it be possible to add a network printer configuration option from the terminal or from the terminal management console? I was thinking about something like a CUPS system in which we point to a network device and a track driver to be used when connecting to an rdp session? Adding this option will also allow you to extend the possibilities of the terminal and we will be able to use devices in many hospital units.

Your Country & City:: POLAND/POZNAN
Use Case: (e.g.: unattended terminals in public library): TEMRINALS HOSPITALS NETWORK PRINTERS
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Asked on May 25, 2021 9:08 pm