Cloudpoint changes its brand name to vCloudPoint

We are pleased to announce that we are changing our brand name from “Cloudpoint” to “vCloudPoint”.

The brand name change is due to the globle expansion of our business and marketing activities which require a more operational brand name for the foreseeable future. .

As part of today’s announcement, Cloudpoint Server software, which is provided free with the hardware devices, has been rebranded to vMatrix Server software to reflex and strengthen our competitive technologies.

vCloudPoint technologies make desktop computing extremely simple and affordable. Due to the superb flexibility and simplicity of its zero client, you can easily deploy, use and manage desktops for dozens to hundreds of users at a fraction of costs.

Our company name will remain unchanged as Shenzhen Cloudpoint Technology Co., Ltd. The company will continue to operate in its current structure and your contacts will remain un-changed.

Our new vCloudPoint logo that reflects the new and exciting times can be downloaded here:

vcloudpoint logo-500x80
About Shenzhen Cloudpoint Technology Co., Ltd.
We specialize in proving innovative computing solutions to improve organizations’ business/ service value. Our focus is helping our customers realize the highest ROI of computing spendings by shifting the the traditional computing infrastructure to a new centralized model. Our goal is much simple. We provide proven computing solutions to help customers reduce costs, enhance security and boost productivity so they can concentrate more on their business or service. To learn more, please visit

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