Public Spaces

vCloudPoint For Public Spaces


    Public spaces like hotels, casinos, libraries, restaurants and internet centers face unique challenges in providing desktop computing resources to guests, often in difficult environmental and regulatory settings. Information systems are the lifeblood of guest services, and unreliable or unsecured PC desktops risk both the satisfaction of guests and the security of their billing and payment records. vCloudPoint’s Sharing Computing with zero clients provide the reliability, data security, and remote support needed to keep administrative and guest services up and running around the clock.

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  • Key Benefits:

    Remote Monitoring & Control


    Centrailized Management


    High Reliability & Security

  • More Benefits:

    • Quick deployment and provisioning for new users, centralized management, patching, and updates on the shared hosts can greatly improve IT productivity and reduce user downtime.
    • Remote monitoring and controlling eliminate need to travel out to the off-site employment resource center. Instead IT staff can monitor and resolve problems from their desks, speeding resolution and reducing user downtime.
    • Highly durable vCloudPoint zero clients don’t require moving parts or air circulation for cooling providing longer life spans, low risk of equipment theft, and greater reliability in difficult environments like casinos, kitchens, and services areas.
    • Security policies and monitoring in vMatrix Management Center allows IT staff to apply security policies, monitor, and remotely disable any user’s desktop, providing a degree of access oversight and control that is impossible with PCs and laptops.
    • Data secure in central service-storage-and CPU-free vCloudPoint zero clients keep all processing and data in data center servers, preventing data leakage and privacy breaches from malware, cyber-crime and equipment theft.
    • With vCloudPoint zero clients that produce much less heat and e-waste, make no noise on running and are minimal in size, the messy and busy public spaces can be transformed to clean, quite and organized places.
    • With rich multimedia support and powerful management tools, vCloudPoint zero clients support a variety of use cases whether to provide fast, simple access to the internet, records or data with information/registration kiosks, public display/ advertisement with digital signage, high quality movie enjoyment in hotel rooms or a full PC experience in community internet center.
    • There is no special skill or training course is required for setting up and management the system. Easy plug-n-play feature lets anyone use the endpoint device with ease.