Introducing “Auto On Power” Feature For The New S100 Zero Clients

This feature allows the zero clients to automatically power up from the off state when DC power is on. This allows use in public access areas such as libraries or in schools etc., where users might wish to power up all zero clients without having to reach out to each workstation.

This can be even more useful when used with device management functions on vMatrix Server Manager. IT administrators or classroom teachers can have all user desktops under remote control. They can log selected devices in from the host or configure zero clients to auto log into the host, providing the end users a complete hands-free access to their desktops.

This feature is supported by new S100 zero clients with serial numbers beginning with A5, and shall be used with vMatrix Server Manager 2.1.0 or later versions and its corresponding firmware. It is unavailable with S100 zero clients with serial numbers beginning with A1, A2 or A3.

To enable auto on power function on the supported zero clients, simply configure at the Boot option on the device interface or change the boot settings at Device Management on vMatrix Server Manager.





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