New Update Available! vMatrix 2.0.5 Offers Better CPU Resources Utilization and Modified Terminal Device Interface

Please update to the latest version of vMatrix (2.0.5) by clicking here or navigating to the downloads section on our site.


Improved: enhanced CPU resources utilization

Improved: modified terminal device interface

Fixed: eliminated blank screen bug when entering Broadcast mode in certain OSs

Fixed: eliminated occasional “server is busy” issue on initial installation

Fixed: repaired an audio compatibility problem with Windows 10

Fixed: repaired occasional display deflection issue when playing videos

We would like to thank the following customers for their contributions to improve this version of vMatrix Server Manager:

Mr. Sandeep Martis, India, reported and assisted to fix the “server is busy” problem

Mr. Pedro Salazar, Mexico, advised on the new function of “locking down the host to terminal users”

Mr. Tomas Vienazindis, Lithuania, reported the “blank screen bug when entering Broadcast mode in Windows MultiPoint Server 2011”


We also thank all of our customers for their continued interest and support.

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