VDI Features

Virtual Desktop Infrestructure Benefits

  • Dedicated Resources

    VDI allows IT admin to tailor resource availability to different users based on their needs. Users that work with graphics editing software require more resources for their desktops compared to users who only run basic word processing and web browsing applications. VDI allows IT to allocate the resources to prioritize the performance of power users or executives’ desktop. In a VDI deployment, each VM runs a single OS and only supports a single user connection at a time. All VM resources are dedicated to a single desktop, eliminating the resource contention that can occur with RDS desktops.
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  • Personalization & Customization

    VDI allows end users to have the actual end-user experience as they are running on PCs. Within a vCloudPoint’s VDI deployment, virtual desktop can spin up from a single, golden image or a dedicated image and be configured as persistent or non-persistent. Users with either virtual desktop have the freedom to install their own applications and have personal settings, while customization changes to non-persistent virtual desktops- including Windows settings, user-installed applications and other personal data, are preserved after the user logs out and back in again.
  • Highly Flexible& Manageable

    With all server side infrastructure including compute, storage and network resources virtualized, VDI makes computing of organizations highly flexible and manageable. You can easily scale up with load balancing, reconfigure resources to meet growing needs, prevent single points of failure with fail-over setup, quickly migrate running VMs to from one server to another, effectively back up critical data with and restore the entire VM in an event of failure with snapshots, and manage more other management tools and technologies to ease your IT administration.
  • Low Cost & All Hypervisor Compatible

    vCloudPoint provides a complete end-to-end VDI solution including the JoinVDI Virtualization Manager, Virspire Desktop Agent, and zero clients at the lowest price point. But if you get used to VMware or Citrix offerings or are having some other KVM based virtual servers in use, vCloudPoint Virsire Desktop Agent and zero clients work in harmony with any hypervisor to provide an optimized user experience with vCloudPoint’s superior DDP protocol. The Virspire Desktop Agent is offered free in charge and the zero clients are at a fraction of the others, helping you achieve desktop virtualization within a PC budget.