vMatrix 2.0.3 is available with a new feature that allows users to rename their zero clients

Changes in this release of vMatrix Server Manager 2.0.3 include:

Added : Users can rename their devices on the lobby screen.

Fixed : Login to CAL enabled server is working properly now.

Fixed : A bug that caused memory leak at first time startup after updating software to version 2.0.2.


  1. FYI. When someone purchases your product whether it’s a couple of pieces or in bulk. Please include a CD or DVD files for offline usage in all deliveries. Not all people can access the internet and export the machine id of each thin client. Remember that it’s a hassle on the consumer side and a headache on your local distributor. We purchased already 400 pieces of your product so please take this as a good suggestion. And please make sure all of the features on this website is accessible specially your LIVE CHAT and always post your latest firmware update ready for download. Hope to have more business from you. Thank you!

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