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we have 10 vCloudpoint Zero V1 devices. We installed vmatrix latest version on to Server 2019 O/S. There is no internet connection. Your partner send us import file for the offline usage. but sometimes we have to use internet conneciton for the server O/S and other software upgrade. your parter says all vcloud device must be poweroff before internet connection. my Question is; Can we update server O/S and other software while vmatrix and all client power on at the offline usage so can we block vmatrix internet acces while internet is online

Your Country & City:: Turkey - Zonguldak
Software Version: (e.g.: vMatrix 2.3.6): Latest 2.5.2
Windows System Version: (e.g.: Windows 10 1809): Server 2019 Latest Update
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Asked on August 5, 2020 4:46 pm