Looking back at the Computex 2016 Trade Show

The last Computex 2016 (an international trade show of computers & electronics) was a rich harvest but also an embarrassment to vCloudPoint. For the good sides, vCloudPoint booth was one of the most popular booths and often crowded with visitors. We also received a lot of favorable reviews from incoming visitors on seeing our demonstration. Many customers of both end users or channel partners expressed onsite or in later emails their interest in using vCloudPoint products or joining our partner program. What embarrassed us was that, due to improper preparation, we ran out of printouts by the 2nd day, while those were supposed to be used for the full 5-day trade show. We couldn’t even give business cards. The replenishment arrived by the 4 day and it was too late. We were also in shortage of staff that many customers left without having a chance to talk with us at rush times. Apologies to the customers we missed. We will improve by this experience to demonstrate our best at next fairs.

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