New Update Available! vMatrix 2.1.0 is Now with Remote Device Management and Multiple User Creation

vMatrix 2.1.0 is now available with more powerful management features and better USB device compatibility. With the newly added device management menu, administrators can manage the zero clients remotely and centrally from vMatrix on the host side, without the need of going to sites and configuring on the devices individually.

Please update to vMatrix (2.1.0) by navigating to the vMatrix download section on our site.

Major Changes:

New*: device management menu

New: create multiple users

New: drag and select multiple users & devices

Improved: modified server manager software interface

Fixed: repaired compatibility problems of some USB devices including Ukey, CD-ROM drive and printers.

Watch the release video below to learn the changes of vMatrix 2.1.0.

We would like to thank the following customers for their contributions to improve this version of vMatrix Server Manager:

Mr Majid, Iran, reported and assisted to fix the ” CD-ROM drive and USB printer” compatible problem.

Mr Metin ER, Turkey, reported and assisted to fix the ” U key” compatible problem.

Mr Juan Sebastian Serna, Colombia, Mr Romain Duchene, Israel, Mr Jayoung Choi, Korea, Mr Tomas Vienazindis, Lithuania and Mr. Toan Tran Quoc, Vietnam advised to add device management functions.

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  1. Hello, i recently installed this new version on my server, wich has 6 zero clients connected to it, and one of them stoped working after i updated the firmware, it get stuck before the login screen, just shows a black screen with the mouse cursor, but nothing works, i already made a factory reset twice, but nothing seems to work, is it bricked?, what can i do to solve it?, thanks.

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