vMatrix 2.3.6 is released with customized wallpaper function and major fixes.

The 2.3.6 version of vMatrix Server Manager includes major fixes to improve the overall compatibility and reliability of  the entire computing system.

New: Added “Enhanced Mode” under the “Configuration” tab to improve application compatibility.
New: added the pop-up window to prompt system reboot after disabling IP virtualization.
New: added terminal auto connection function after the desktop session is disconnected or logged out in unattended scenarios.
New: administrators can upload and lock customized wallpaper for terminal devices at the server management.
New: added multi-language support for Administration Log.
New: added DNS settings for terminal devices.
New: added management console icon at desktop.
New: added a pop-up window to prompt hidden icons at the task bar.
New: added Ukrainian language.

Fixed: modified the USB driver test logic of the Diagnostic Tool to fix the problem that the USB driver is correct but the test result is incorrect.
Fixed: fixed the issue that copying large file into a U disk attached to the terminal device may cause desktop session crashes.
Fixed: fixed the issue that users cannot be displayed when the domain controller acts as the shared host as well.
Fixed: fixed the bug that enabling IP virtualization may cause random “DaemonService”crash and user connection failure.
Fixed: fixed the issue that user’s login time does not display on the “User Management” tab.
Fixed: fixed the possible .Net error when logging a user out.
Fixed: fixed the cpaccel.exe issue on the host when the administrator logs in right after a logout.
Fixed: fixed the IP virtualization issue that the selected NIC device could not be saved in some cases, causing the the setting of static virtual IP to fail.
Fixed: fixed the issue that the number of online users is not refreshed in time.
Fixed: fixed the issue that the name of the terminal that has not connected to the host is not displayed.
Fixed: fixed the issue of login failure after a user logs out, indicating that you cannot log in repeatedly.
Fixed: fixed the memory exception error after logging out users in Win7/ 08R2 systems.
Fixed: fix the valid range of CPU and memory usage percentage displayed at the User Management tab.
Fixed: fixed the issue that the full Chinese names of the system users cannot be displayed.
Fixed: fixed the issue of “host is busy” caused by large CPU usage of “DaemonService” in idle time.
Fixed: fixed random freeze of host service after attempting to login a user.
Fixed: Fixed the bug in Win7/ 8.1 that terminal devices cannot connect to the host after modifying the starting port of network service at the server manager.
Fixed: fixed that issue that language changing through the right bottom icon does not take effect.
Fixed: fixed the issue in Win10 that video content may be by misplaced when played with VLC player under the Economic Mode.

Improved: improved USB devices redirection compatibility.
Improved: modified virtual IP assignment sequence on user login to reduce possible virtual IP address conflict.
Improved: optimized terminal connection logic in VPN to fix the problem that terminals fail to login when using some VPN software.
Improved: modified the inner layout of “Network Settings” menu inside the right-click menu of the “Device Management” tab to allow unified configuration of the IP addresses of multiple terminal devices.
Improved: removed the separate “Fixed IP Address” menu inside the right-click menu of the “Device Management” tab to move the fixed IP address setting to the “Network Setting” menu.
Improved: optimized video playback on VLC media player.
Improved: the rename function is changed to be applicable to offline users.
Improved: removed the USB redirection device icon on the host.

We would like to thank the following customers for their contributions to improve this version:

Mr. Roel Vosters, Netherlands, Mr. Majid Khaki, Iran, Mr. Maximo Daniel, Dominican Republic, reported the issue that users cannot be displayed when the domain controller acts as the shared.
Mr. Maximo Daniel, Dominican Republic, reported the bug in USB option settings.
Mr. Raymond Mul, Netherlands, suggested the terminal auto connection function for attended scenarios.
Mr. Yuan Gao, China, Chongye Chui, China suggested the wallpaper customization function.
Mr. Olga Vasylieva, Ukraine, provided the Ukrainian language translation.

To update your current vMatrix Server Manager to the latest 2.3.6 version, please download the installation package at the download center.

You can overwrite the old installation files but make sure to DISABLE any Anti-Virus or Firewall software during the installation.

Terminal users will be disconnection during the update and you are required to reboot the system when completed.


  1. In Domain Network, there’s 10% chance that the workstation disconnect every 90 seconds, i need to restart the Server and the disconnect issue cleared. I don’t know what thing that caused it

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