vMatrix 2.7.0 is released with a new and easier-to-use user configuration module.

vMatrix 2.7.0 is released with a new and easier-to-use user configuration module.

Added: Brand new user configuration module to support template creation and modification facility.
Added: Logout and power off in terminal device management page.
Added: Login queue settings.
Added: A switch that controls the availability of Ping button in terminal devices.
Added: Support of Windows 11 and Windows Server 2022.
Added: Support of 802.11ac USB WiFi dongle (based on RTL88xx chips).
Added: Support of auto log off due to session disconnect and being idle state.
Added: Support of auto disconnection when session being idle state.
Added: Support of auto power off device after user logged out.
Added: Support of Scheduled Task.
Added: Support of USB disk write protection in privilege settings.
Added: Support of USB multitouch panels and monitors, Windows 8 or above is required.
Added: Support of Wacom STU series sign tablet.
Added: Support of connect to non-English naming WiFi hotspot.
Added: HID devices isolation in Enhanced Mode.
Added: Firmware version display in terminal device management page (firmware version or above required).

Fixed: Service may crashes in startup phase due to calling secedit tool.
Fixed: Service may crashes when several users login at the same time.
Fixed: Unable to monitor user’s desktop when it turns to locked state.
Fixed: Unable to place user’s private directory to network path.
Fixed: A core bug that may cause blue screen error when log in users.

Improved: Blank space is allowed in changing passwords.
Improved: Wallpaper settings moved to display settings page.
Improved: Batch modification of Login, Display, Input, Startup settings in terminal devices.
Improved: Batch modification of user information.
Improved: Adjustment of UI layout.
Improved: Manager can specify IP address in login settings, host name is no longer required.
Improved: The auto connection function will filter terminal devices that only belong to initiator.
Improved: The auto connection function can be used to log into service groups.
Improved: Drive C: can be hidden from terminal users.
Improved: The list of terminal devices can be sorted by IP address.

To update your current vMatrix Server Manager to the latest 2.7.0 version, please download the installation package at the download center.

You can overwrite the old installation files but make sure to DISABLE any Anti-Virus or Firewall software during the installation.

Terminal users will be disconnection during the update and you are required to reboot the system when completed.

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