vMatrix 2.8.0 is released with support of Bluetooth Mouse and Keyboard devices.

vMatrix 2.8.0 is released with support of Bluetooth Mouse and Keyboard devices.

Added: Support of Bluetooth Mouse and Keyboard devices. (Based on USB Wi-Fi + Bluetooth dongle of RTL88xx chips)
Added: Option for host visibility.
Added: Option for allow login by standard client only.
Added: Option for disallow to connect MTP/PTP devices (usually, cellphones).
Added: Option for hide system drive from terminal users.
Added: Only the user logged in by the standard client can be monitored
Added: Terminal tray menu uses scanner function.

Fixed: Device activation/registration failed in some cases.
Fixed: The screen freezes when device activation/registration fails.
Fixed: Unable to find and discover any device after IP virtualization enabled.
Fixed: Terminal device may disconnect from desktop when it attempts to display a corrupted pointer cursor.
Fixed: Keyboard with smart card reader will be redirected to host and not usable in terminal side.
Fixed: Some sort of USB headphone not playing sound properly.
Fixed: Support of multitouch can cause check boxes appearing in Windows Explorer.
Fixed: Too many disconnected sessions in system may cause daemon service slow to restart.
Fixed: Randomly freeze when monitoring user's desktop.
Fixed: Enabling auto restore configuration may cause device UI crashes.
Fixed: After the user login run the program or file function not working properly.
Fixed: Pressing F2 to restore settings during terminal device boot up may cause device freeze.
Fixed: terminal Enabling Wi-Fi may cause memory leaks.
Fixed: Mouse pointer speed does not change when adjust in settings.

Improved: Diagnostic tool tip message.
Improved: Option for logout and shutdown in tray menu.
Improved: Option for Show/hide hotkey in chat module.
Improved: Access control for Private Disk and external drive connected to terminal device.
Improved: Device UI operation restriction in configuration locking state.
Improved: Config default printer automatically function.

To update your current vMatrix Server Manager to the latest 2.8.0 version, please download the installation package at the download center.

You can overwrite the old installation files but make sure to DISABLE any Anti-Virus or Firewall software during the installation.

Terminal users will be disconnection during the update and you are required to reboot the system when completed.


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