vMatrix Server Manager 2.5.2 is released with completely new storage management

vMatrix Server Manager 2.5.2 is released with completely new storage management.

Added: HID devices other than USB input devices (such as UKEY, TOKEN, etc.) are recognized and supported at the terminal devices.
Added: Admins can set read and write permissions for public and private disks, as well as authorized users.
Added: Admins can manage the accessibility of storage devices attached to the host.
Added: Admins can run commands and launch a program over running sessions from the server manager.
Added: Admins can manage the list of manually added hosts for terminal devices.
Added: Terminal device settings can be saved and restored from the server manager.
Added: “Logout and Shutdown” option to the taskbar tray menu of the terminal session.
Added: “Don’t show again” option in the “Connect to host” prompt window.
Added:”Permission Control” page.
Added:Czech language.

Fixed: Can’t adjust the volume of a USB headset or other audio device.
Fixed: Some USB devices do not respond during use.
Fixed: Connecting multiple USB devices may result in a black screen when the terminal logs out.
Fixed: USB serial device and smart card readers cannot be isolated between terminal sessions.

Improved: Admins can set up multiple private drives on local storage.
Improved: Removed the file name format restriction for offline configuration files.
Improved: Rewrited the descriptive language on some of the pages.
Improved: Some pages in the menu column are categorized into the “Advanced” menu.
Improved: Improves the stability of the virtual audio.
Improved: The configuration wizard interface is no longer displayed during the server manager installation.
Improved: Restrict terminal device names to only ASCII characters.


To update your current vMatrix Server Manager to the latest 2.5.2 version, please download the installation package at the download center.

You can overwrite the old installation files but make sure to DISABLE any Anti-Virus or Firewall software during the installation.

Terminal users will be disconnection during the update and you are required to reboot the system when completed.

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  1. I new it admin in an organisation which used vcloudpoint zero client device. I have reinstall the vmatrix server manager… n export zero client config for offline use… its said send to dealer… but no contact of dealer…. can you help…

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