Terminal-language laboratory at the Non-public School of Handball Championships – MKS Zagłębie Lubin Poland

Country: Poland

City: Lubin

School name:  Non-public school of sports championship in handball
MKS Zagłębie Lubin

Website: http://nsp.zaglebie.lubin.pl/

Number of terminal stations: 16 V1 vCloudPoint terminals

Terminal server configuration:

  • CPU:Intel E-2136 processor
  • RAM:32 GB
  • SSD:500 GB
  • SATA drive:1 TB
  • Graphics Card: GTX 1660
  • Software: Windows Server 2019, NetSupport School, AVG, GIMP, Scratch, Open Office

Teacher workstation:

DELL Optiplex 3280 AIO EDU

    Implementation carried out by Mentor – vCloudPoint Gold Partner
    Cases collected by vCloudPoint Poland Team

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