vCloudPoint Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Achieving More With Less

  • Unsacrificed User Experience

    Powered by the Dynamic Desktop Protocol (DDP), vCloudPoint zero client users are offered a desktop experience that is indistinguishable from working a local desktop computer. Whether you are running basic word processing, web browsing, graphics-intensive editing or high definition video playback, on any Windows operation systems of 7, 8 or 10, at either low resolution of 1366*738 or high resolution at 1920*1080, you are ensured with an absolutely smooth desktop experience and pixel-perfect image displayed at the endpoint.

  • Complete End-to-end Solution

    vCloudPoint provides a complete end-to-end VDI solution including the virtualization server, the virtualization management platform, the desktop connection agent and management software and zero clients.  Most of the software is offered free in charge and the total package is at a fraction of the cost of others, helping you achieve desktop virtualization within a PC budget.

  • Compatible With Most Virtualization Platforms

    You are free to use vCloudPoint server-side software offerings. But if you get used to VMware or Citrix server software for complex deployments or are having some KVM based virtual servers in use, vCloudPoint desktop access components are fully compatible with these virtualization platforms, that help you significantly slash investment in endpoint access and optimize desktop performance.