Bilingual School in Kuwait

Country Kuwait
End user name :  Kuwait Bilingual School (Elementary, Mid & High school)
Contact personMr. Basha
Job Title : IT Administrator
Product model:S100
Total number of servers deployed: 3
Total number deployed 50 seats in 1 computer Lab and 2 staff rooms
Applications : Admin Plus, Web systems, Adobe, MS Office, Language Software.
Server configuration:

  • 15 clients connected to one PC in one staff room.
  • 10 clients connected to another PC in other staff room.
  • 25 clients connected to third PC in computer lab.

All PCs have the same configurations:

  • CPU: Intel cpu 2.3ghz 4core
  • Memory4* 8Gb 1600 Mhz
  • SSD for system and userfiles : 500GB
  • OSWIN 10

Comments: Clients work with good performance and it reduces the

maintenance time and efforts for the IT support team, and the client management is easy to manage IT admin and school teachers, it integrates easily with windows active directory.

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