Alfons Hoffmann Primary School with the Preschool Department In Poland

Implementation details

Place: Gródek

Organization: Alfons Hoffmann Primary School with the Preschool Department


No. Of Seats: 15 V1 zero clients

Server configuration:

  • Server:Asus TS300
  • CPU: Intel E-2136
  • RAM:48 GB
  • SSD:500 GB
  • HDD:1 TB SATA磁盘
  • Graphic Card:英伟达GTX 1050
  • SoftwareWindows Server 2019, NetSupport School, AVG, GIMP, Scratch, Open Office, vMatrix Server Manager


In January 2020 PRODATA built the computer lab with vCoudPoint zero clients combined with an ASUS TS300 server for the Primary School with a Preschool Department in Gródek.


The school administrators considered various possibilities to modernize the lab. After analyzing the technologies available on the market, the school decided to use vCloudPoint zero clients as the purchase cost is lower compared to traditional PCs or laptops and the performance of the zero client does not differ from traditional PCs.


The decision was further favored by the fact that the vCloudPoint zero clients consume much less energy so that savings in school electricity bills may be significant. Also, the vCloudPoint zero clients are widely and successfully adopted in dozens of Polish schools.


The school commented that the implementation went successfully. The vCloudPoint Polish team had conducted professionally in installation and also given excellent training to teachers on how to use the lab.


Project Decisions

The school had a computer lab with old and out-of-date equipment and they aimed to upgrade it with modern technologies that would avail students to use the currently available computer programs.

The computer equipment of the lab was planned to be replaced by a dozen or so zero clients. The existing monitors, keyboards, and mice would be left in use to cut overhead budgets. When it came to the server, which the central component to provide resources for sharing, reliability was the prior factor, so Asus would be the right fit. The Asus TS300 server platform not only fully meets the current needs of the school but also is scalable for future increasing needs or user number growth.

Customer Opinion

The TS300 platform perfectly fits our needs. It is very flexible when it comes to scalability. vCloudPoint Polish team has configured drives and RAM as we expected, but we are still able to further upgrade it to increase the computing power in the future.

Robert Janiak – Headmaster of a Primary School with a Preschool Department

Benefits of the Implementation

Simplify classroom management – the teacher can centrally manage the entire class from one place. He can easily share files with students, assign tasks, perform tests. He has an overall view and control over student desktops on his desk, without having to walk around the whole room – checking if the students are concentrating on the lesson rather than some “distractions”. In addition, zero clients do not generate heat or noise, creating a peaceful learning environment.

Cut purchase costs – the initial purchase costs of the lab implementation was very important to the school while the vCloudPoint zero client lab just costs less than a traditional PC lab.

Save energy consumption – vCloudPoint zero clients consume only 5W of power, resulting in significant electricity bill savings throughout the year.

Reduce system maintenance – the IT administrator now spends much less time on computer maintenance when compared with traditional computer labs. all management, installations, updates, are minimized to just one server.

Improve data security – the ASUS server is well protected against attacks or data leaks, and vCloudPoint zero clients do not store any data on them, so even if they fail or are stolen – the school will not lose any data.

Enhance desktop performance – with the powerful NVIDIA® Quadro® graphics card attached to the server, all 15 students are smoothly run graphics-intensive programs or play Full HD videos simultaneously.

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