United European Children’s No. 27 Primary School  In Poland

Place: Gdańsk Poland

Organization: United European Children’s No. 27 Primary School

website: http://www.sp27gdansk.pl/

No. Of Seats: 12 V1 zero clients

Server configuration:

  • CPU:Intel E-2136
  • RAM:32 GB
  • SSD:500 GB
  • Graphics Card: GTX 1660
  • Software: Windows Server 2019, NetSupport School, AVG, GIMP, Scratch, Open Office

Teacher PC:

Lenovo AiO 21.5″i5-8400T /8GB /SSD256 /Windows 10 Pro /Open Office /NetSupport School /GIMP /Scratch

About the educator

Edukatornia is a unique place. It was prepared from scratch by school employees, the principal, parents, and with the help of sponsors. Work in the attic room began in February 2018, with the replacement of the door with a fire one. Then in the head of the Director – Adam Perzyński the idea of arranging the attic for a real educational space was born. A thorough renovation was necessary, practically from bare walls, load-bearing supports, the roof was replaced, installations, plasters were laid, new windows and floor were installed.

The result of many months of work is a perfectly arranged educational studio in which students use modern equipment. Director Adam Perzyński, while creating the Edukatornia, was inspired by the Gdańsk Hevelianum Center. He managed to create an amazing educational space, which the Center took his Patronage, so we can say that in SP 27 there is a “small Hevelianum Center”, and students in this room have the opportunity to experience the latest technologies. We are proud that we could be one of the sponsors of this undertaking!


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