JiuJiang Library In China

JiuJiang Library, formerly known as JiangXi Province Construction Department Library, established in 1939, TaiHe, JiangXi. It was rated as the National First Class Library during the Fourth and the Fifth Criteria Of The Evaluation For Public Libraries Of China.

User Requirements : library website, Library Book Search, surfing the Web

Case Study:JiujiangLibrary-8.png

Deployment Information: 

Country : China, Jiangxi
End user name :  JiuJiang Library
Website http://www.jjlib.cn/ 
Product model:S100
Total number deployed 12 seats in 1 reading room
Applications Sogou Explorer, SAMING EDU
Server configuration for each 12 seats :

  • CPU: Intel® Core™ i7-7700K
  • Memory32GB
  • SSD for system and userfiles : 256GB
  • HDD for storage :unknown
  • OS:WIN7

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